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If you need assistance, please call 805-364-3051, leave a message with the BEST TIME TO RETURN YOUR CALL and we will call you to take your payment on the phone. We work on Pacific Time from 9am-6pm Monday-Saturday and 10am-3pm Sunday . The best browser for this web site is Chrome or FireFox – either may be downloaded free online. Thank you for your patience!

We have three formats:

  1. Single Month (30 days, no further obligation )
  2. Recurring Subscription ( discounted; ongoing monthly automated payments until you cancel)
  3. 12 Month Prepaid (further discounted; Purchase 12 months at once)

Click the links on the above tabs to see the pricing for each format. Immediately after purchase, you will upload your photograph(s). Please have the photo(s) ready so you can complete the transaction.

The standard scalar session recurring subscription is discounted for long-term use. It must be used for a minimum of 3 months. It can be used indefinitely of course. You can purchase the Individual, Couple, Group 3 - Group 7. Submit your photo one time and we will keep it until you cancel your recurring subscription.

The 12 Month Prepaid is purchased for 12 months at a further discounted rate. It is discounted up to 68% less than the single month scalar session. You can purchase the Individual, Couple, Group 3-Group 7.

We created Groups so that you can further discount your remote scalar energy sessions per person. You can do the math in each group, either Single Month, Recurring Subscription or 12 Month Prepaid to see the savings.

Our clients create groups by sharing the 15-day trial link with friends and family.

The shopping page has all the pricing for these groups either Single Month, Recurring Subscription or the 12 Month Prepaid. Your group is providing scholarships for yourselves which is how it should work. We provide the service and are not subsidized by governments or institutions. This is a place where the people come to create their own charities and help each other.