FREE Hormone Therapy


Please register here for the 30-day Hormone Therapy trial.  Select either Male or Female Hormone therapy then upload the photo of just yourself.  No one else can be in the photo with you.  Ensure that your email address is correct. If your email address is not correct and we cannot deliver messages to you, uploaded photos will be deleted.

You may upload ONE photo of yourself within 72 hours of registering. All we need is a photo of your skin; face, hand, foot, leg, arm. DO NOT upload photos of naked bodies or genitals.

Please upload your photo immediately after you register. After you upload the photo, you will be able to send a referral link to your friends and family so that they can register for the same 30-day FREE Hormone Therapy Trial that you have registered for.

The 30-day Hormone Therapy Trial offer is available to anyone that has not used the remote scalar energy hormone sessions. One 30-day Hormone Therapy scalar energy session per adult ages 35-100 yrs old.  Current or past adult customers of the Hormone Therapy may not register.